Explore Himalayas

This trip offers a rare opportunity to visit one of the most isolated communities in the world. The high valleys of Lunana are situated below the world's highest unclimbed mountain, Gangkar Puensum, and are cut off from the rest of the world by snow on the passes for six or seven months of the year. Until 1994 this area was strictly off limits to foreigners. Trekking into Bhutan’s central mountain range, this trip follows yak herders trails across high passes and travels among some of the last virgin peaks of the Himalaya, in a breath-taking landscape that has seen relatively few foreign visitors. Starting out at the Winter Capitol of Punakha, this unique and challenging itinerary spends three days climbing the steep gorge leading to the outlandish village of Laya, before crossing the mighty Karakachu La and entering the Lunana District.

Day 01: Arrival at  Paro, Bhutan. Transfer to Hotel.
Day 02: Sightseeing in the Paro Valley. Hotel.
Day 03: Walk/hike to Tiger's Nest, Taktshang Monastery.
Day 04: Paro to Shana, 17 km walk
Day 05: Shana to Thangtahankha(3750m.)
Day 06: Thangtahankha to Jangothang. This 19 km trail crosses up to 4000 m.
Day 07: Jangothang to Lingshi.19 km trail, alt. 4150m.
Day 08: Recovery day and a chance to wander around Lingshi
Day 09:  Lingshi to Chebisa, 19 kms walk, alt. 3850m.
Day 10: Chebisa to Shomutang, 17 km walk, alt. 4250m
Day 11: Shomutang to Robluthang, 18 km trail, alt. 4400m.
Day 12: Robluthang to Lemithang, 19 km walk, alt. 4100m.
Day 13: Lemithang to Laya, 10 km trail, alt. 3800m.
Day 14: Recovery day at Laya, evining will be cultural program
Day 15: Laya to Roduphu, 19 km trail, alt. 4160m.
Day 16: Descend Roduphu to Narethang, 17 km walk, alt. 4500m.
Day 17: Cross the Narethang to Tarina.
Day 18: Tarina to Woche, 17 km walk
Day 19:Woche to Lhedi, 17 km walk
Day 20:Trek Lhedi to Thanza, 17 km steep climb
Day 21: The  day at Thanza and a walk around
Day 22:Thanza to Tshochena, a 20 km trek
Day 23: Trek Tshochena to Jichu Dramo, a 14km  trail
Day 24:Jichu Dramo to Chukarpo, 18 km walk, alt. 4950ml.
Day 25:Chukarpo to Thampetsho.
Day 26: Thampetsho to Maurothang, About 14 km. Lodge.
Day 27: Drive Maurothang to Shepu. Lodge.
Day 28: Drive via Punakha Dzong to Thimphu. Hotel.
Day 29: Sightseeing in Thimphu and drive to Paro. Hotel.
Day 30: Drive back to Paro, evening farewell dinner.
Day 31:Transfer to Paro airport for final departure.