Travelling to India - Passport and Visa requirements

Passport valid for at least 180 days and with at least two blank pages required by all nationals referred to in the chart above.

Visas for India are required by all nationals referred to in the chart above.

Note: Nationals not referred to in the chart are advised to contact the embassy to check visa requirements for India.

Visa note:
A Tourist Visa on Arrival scheme has been set up for the following countries: Cambodia, Finland, Indonesia, Japan , Laos, Luxembourg, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam for up to 30 days and for tourism only. It costs US$60.

A Single Entry Tourist Visa, Double Entry and Multiple Entry Tourist Visas can be applied for.

Certain parts of the country have been designated protected or restricted areas that require special permits and in some cases prior government authorisation. Intent to visit a specific restricted region should be indicated when applying for a visa and a permit will be granted to visit that region only. It is advised that applicants apply for the special permit for restricted areas when they enter India by visiting the FRRO (Foreign Regional Registration Office) which have offices in all major Indian airports and cities. An additional form must be completed but there is no fee for a restricted area permit.

Passengers are advised to check with the tourist board for up-to-date information before departure. Application forms must be filled in completely, and with as much detail as possible, otherwise the application may be rejected and a new application only allowed after three months have passed.

The rule stipulating that tourist visa holders must wait two months before being allowed to re-enter India if they chose to visit another country during their stay was removed as of 4 Dec 2012 and this rule no longer applies to tourist visa holders.

Types and cost:
For UK nationals: Tourist visa £82 (multiple-entry; up to six months); £277 (multiple-entry; up to two years)

For other nationals listed in the chart above: Tourist visa £32 (multiple-entry; up to six months); £52 (multiple-entry; up to one year). Business visa: £57 (up to six months) £82 (up to one year); £90 (more than one year). Transit visa: £17 (single/double-entry – up to 72hrs). Restricted/protected area permit: £22. Prices for certain other nationals vary, nationals are advised to contact the embassy to check cost. All visa applications are subjected to a non-refundable £10.20 VFS service charge.

Tourist: six months or one year for multiple entry. Transit: maximum stays of three days within 15 days of issue. Business: six months or one year, or up to two years for multiple entry. Visas are valid from the date of issue not your date of departure.

Application to:
Cconsular section at your nearest embassy or high commission. For UK nationals, India has outsourced its visa application services to VF Services ( and applications at the embassy in London are no longer accepted. There are also Indian Visa Application Centres in London, Hayes, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh. In the US, India's visa application services are handled by Travisa Outsourcing (

Working days:
All visa applications in the UK now have to be file online at After the mandatory electronic filing of visa applications, applicants are asked to submit printed copies of their applications, photos, passports and fees to respective Indian Visa Application Centres (IVACs). Processing times vary at the sole discretion of the High Commission of India and its Consulates in the UK, and some applications may take longer than others to get processed. You should confirm your travel plans only after obtaining the visa.

Applications submitted in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh will take minimum two to three working days to get processed. Applications submitted in Manchester, Cardiff and Glasgow will take a minimum of five to seven working days. Postal applications take a minimum of 10 working days (not including transit). These times may differ for other non-UK nationals. In addition, if the High Commission or the Consulate General requires an applicant to attend an interview, the India Visa Application Centre will contact the applicant and inform the date and time of the interview accordingly.

Extension of stay:
Visa extensions are not available in India, unless in extreme circumstances (eg medical emergency).

Entry with pets:
An incoming passenger can import up to two pets at one time. These include all domestic animals such as dogs, birds, cats etc subject to production of required health certificate from their country of origin. Pets are still liable for the usual quarantine checks upon arrival.