Kailash Manasarovar Yatra

Manasarovar  Mt. Kailash is very famous  for millions of Buddhists and Hindus, in addition to Jains and also to Bonpos. It is believed that one circuit of the sacred Mt. Kailash(54 km/32-mile) is sufficient to wipe out all the sins of your lifetime. Wiping out all the sins of your lifetimes is a much bigger task; that major sin clean-up requires 108 revolutions. Bathing in the icy sapphire waters of Lake Manasarovar at the mountain's base is said to remove the sins of innumerable lifetimes.Since Mt. Kailash is the home of Lord Shiva, for Hindu people it is also the highest blessing to take darshan of the mountain -- to be in its presence; to be seen by and to see it.Tibetan poet and seer of 11th century Milarepa's remarks on Mt. Kailash is worth quoting: Mount kailash is  powerful for practice,  blessed, or more marvelous . May all pilgrims and practitioners be welcome!Although main focus of this tour is Mount Kailash in China ( Tibet), the journey through Nepal’s border with Tibet at Zhangmu, Saga and Paryang to Darchen is culturally and scenically rewarding. Mt. Kailash stands prominently in a remote south-west corner of Tibet, an amazingly symmetrical 22,028 foot striated pyramid with a diagonal gash on one of its faces. It has been described as 'compelling, dome-shaped peak, rising above a desolately beautiful 13,000 ft plateau of rainbow-colored rocks.

Day 1st Pick up and transfer to Hotel evening Pasupati darshan with Arti puja

Day2nd Kathmandu sightseen evening Briefing for Yatra

Day3rd. early morning drive to Friendship bridge along the way to kodari procedure immigration. drive to Nyalam

Day4th Rest in Nyalam for acclitamize

Day 5th drive to saga

Day 6th paryang

Day7th Manasarovar

Day 8th Manasarovar puja and Tarchen

Day9th Deharapuk

Day 1 th Dolmala Pass

Day 11th Kailash parikarma back to tarchen and drive back to Manasarovar

Day 12th Drive back to Saga

Day13th Nyalam ZangMu

Day 14th Kathmandu Overnight

Day 15th Final Departure,