Nepal Cultural Tours

Nepali Yogi - Nepal culture tourNepali culture is very similar to the cultures of neighbouring Tibet and India. There are similarities in clothing, language and food. A typical Nepali meal is dal-bhat - boiled dal served with rice, vegetables and spicy relish. This is consumed twice daily, once in the morning and again after sunset. Between these main meals, snacks such as chiura (beaten rice) and tea are consumed. Meat, eggs, and fish are considered a treat. In the mountainous region the staple diet is based on wheat, maize, millet and potatoes. Millet-based alcoholic drinks known as Tongba and other cereal based alcohol are popular, including chhaang and the distilled rakshi. Traditional Nepali folklore retains a strong influence in society and its stories are widely acted out in dance and music. The culture of different ethnic groups is rich in their own ways. The Newari culture is the original and most distinguished culture of Kathmandu. Most of the festivals observed in the country are Newari. The Newar community enjoys its own special cuisine and the Newar people are well known for masked dance that tell stories of the gods and heroes. The associated music is percussion-based, sometimes with flutes or shawm accompanying the intense, nasal vocal lines. The sarangi, a four-stringed, hand-carved instrument is usually played by wandering minstrels. Popular musical styles are a variety of pop, religious and folk music, among other styles.

Nepal Cultural Tour

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