Sun Koshi River Rafting

Duration(8-10 days)

The river is wonderful for rafting as well as for kayaking; besides, it is very reachable by road. The trips are between 8 to 10 days and covers 177 kilometers. This is one of the most thrilling white water rafting that passes over outlying country sides, its ethnic inhabitants, dense forest and varied rock formation. Further, the peaceful asymmetrical hills are a common in this area. The trip starts with a calm and quiet float in the river but it gets thrilling once it reaches the high waters; the rapids can rise to enormous sizes and can be overwhelming.The Sun Koshi flows from the Himalaya to eastwards in Nepal through the great valley between the Mahabharat range Mountains. It forms the watershed for most of eastern Nepal and gathering strength from tributaries draining the highest mountains in the world it emerges onto the northern plains of India where it joins the Ganges.Rafting trips start right here from Dolalghat. Since the Banepa-Bardibas highway is now in operation, it is possible to arrange a trip from Dumjabesi. One of the nice things about the Sun Koshi is that, with the exception of a few big rapids like Harkapur the general standard of the river gets progressively harder as you descend it so there is time to loosen up and practice your skills on easy water before you reach the more interesting bigger and more challenging rapids lower down the river. You will be pleasantly surprised and flattered by how much your skills improve by the end of the trip. during the trip you will have pleanty of picturesque scenerary. having wonderful hospitality of villagers.


Day 1: Three hour's bus drives to Dolalghat and prepares for rafting. Camp at sandy beach.
Day 2: Run class 3 rapids and camp nearby Ratemate.
Day 3: Rafting about 4 hours with class 3 rapids and camp nearby Harkapur.
Day 4: Rafting about 4 hours with class 4/5 rapids and camp.
Day 5: Rafting around 4 hours with class 4 rapids and camp near Rasuaghat.
Day 6: Rafting on whitewater class 4 rapids and camp on sandy beach.
Day 7: Raft about 4 hours through "Bigdipper" and camp below rapid.
Day 8: Rafting about 2 hours till Chatara. After lunch drive back to Kathmandu.
Day 9: Arrive Kathmandu.