Best time to Visit for Tibet Travel

Best Time to Visit Tibet

When to go to Tibet? It is said the suitable time for traveling to Tibet is from April to October while the golden time is August and September. However, you can visit Tibet all year round to explore different beauties.

Here we offer specific weather information of different areas in Tibet:
Lhasa: central and southeast areas (including Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, Lhatse, Tingri, Nyalam, Tsedang, Nyingchi, etc.) suitable to come throughout the year with relatively pleasant weather and well-equipped tourist facilities. You can find bigger discounts and less crowding in low season from November to second year March.
Mt. Everest: suitable time is from May to October. Best time is early May and early October. Other months are too cold.
Ngari (Mt. Kailash): suitable time is May, June, July, September and October. Normally not a hospitable place and heavy rain and snow could make it worse.
Eastern Tibet: avoid coming here in winter and July and August when roads may be blocked by landslides and snowfalls.
Northern Tibet: only suitable for summer travel (July and August) to avoid terrible weather such as strong wind and heavy snowfall.